About Us

Our Search for The Perfect Night Sleep

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Our Mission

We are absolutely and completely in love, and dare we say sleepy, about helping people all over the world change their lives through the power of sleep. We are dedicated to finding natural and simple solutions to give our customers mind blowing sleep quality. Through education and products, we believe that we can solve anyone’s sleep issues with our solutions.

Our customers are our family. We are available at anytime for advice, strategies and to help
Solutions have to be natural, non-invasive, solve a problem dramatically and do it at an affordable price, or were not interested
Invest heavy into Research and Development. We do constant experiments, tests and consultations for new strategies and products that our customers will love

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Our Founder’s Obsession with Sleep Turned into a Mission Based E-commerce Juggernaut

Yes...that’s our actual founder, Casey. He’s probably thinking about sleep in this very picture. He’s been described as “weird” or “eccentric” and overly focused on what he calls “Sleep Optimization” since he was about 15 years old.

Having matured his technical sleep research practices, he’s built a research team with input from top doctors and medical professionals in the field, who’ve guided QuicklySleep into its epic product suite.

In his own words, “People usually just have one or a couple issues that are in the way of getting that amazing level of sleep they need to live their best life. With just a little testing of a few products and strategies, we’ve seen dramatic results from our customers. With a bit of patience and willingness to explore there’s no reason why anyone who’s dedicated can’t get their sleep maximized with our products and strategies.”

On a personal note, “I’d like to thank the thousands of customers whose lives we’ve been able to improve through QuicklySleep. The feeling I get from helping all of you is what gets me up and excited about life....after an epic night’s sleep, of course.”